NHS Vanguard

Set of Networked Care publications

A set of research publications for NHS providers looking at the benefits and challenges of best practice in delivering services across multiple sites

The brief

To produce a set of three engaging, attractive and accessible reports detailing the final output of the key NHS Vanguard programme.

The solution

With a universally approved visual representation of a DNA helix to represent the replication aspect of the Vanguard programme we produced three very striking print and online documents. The internal content featured a number of programme related images and graphic icons. Larger font point size text was used to maximise accessibility for a potentially visually impaired audience.

NHS Vanguard report covers – Networked care
NHS Vanguard report spread – Networked care
  • The publications went down well at our launch event yesterday. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
    — NHS Vanguard
NHS Vanguard report icons – Networked care
NHS Vanguard report case study – Networked care

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