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Electronic patients record (EPR) staff handbook

The Royal Free provides world class expertise and local care to patients at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital in London.

The brief

The Royal Free London aim to be the most digitally advanced trust in the NHS by 2020, and Electronic Patient Records (EPR) is the next step. Our brief was to design a staff handbook outlining what EPR is, how its been developed, how to use it and what it will mean for different staff.

The solution

We designed a 20 page A5 staff handbook with the same visual language as our guidebook for Chase Farm HospitalWe used strong typography and hierachy of information, bold colours, real photography and colour-coded section, to help staff navigate through the document. The existing campaign icons were used throughout, providing campaign awareness. 

Royal Free Hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) staff handbook cover and spread
Royal Free Hospital – What EPR means for me
Royal Free Hospital London What does EPR mean for my patients
  • It has been really good to work with designers who have engaged with the content as well as the layout, so thank you.
    — Royal Free Hospital EPR
Royal Free Hospital Electronic Patient Record (EPR) staff handbook spreads
Royal Free Hospital How EPR has been developed

View the Chase Farm booklet

View and download the staff handbook

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